Making sure you are nutritionally prepared for sporting events is one of the key components to performing your best. Mishandling your nutrition the day of can unravel any sort of training you put in. Don’t take that chance. At Traughber Nutrition we nutritionally prepare and educate our endurance athletes for the rigors of their events.
Have you ever had any of these happen to you during an event?

  • Running out of energy
  • Muscles cramping
  • Bloating of the GI tract
  • Headaches or migraines
  • GI distress

An event nutrition plan will help with all of these.

Traughber Nutrition has helped athletes of varied skill levels perform their personal best at events like:

  • All lengths of triathlon (e.g. sprint, olympic, half, & Ironman)
  • All lengths of marathon (e.g. half, full, & ultra)
  • Cycling Races & Events (e.g. criteriums, stage races, ultra-distance cycling, etc.)
Every event nutrition plan starts off with a detailed consultation to establish goals, fitness levels, nutritional  preferences, and a prior knowledge basis. I then build your plan based off of the multiple factors like personal fitness, temperature, duration, elevation, aid stations, and the information you give us.

The event plan includes:

  • Pre-event meal(s) and hydration strategies.
  • Properly portioned and timed during-event food and liquids
  • Post-event recovery nutrition and hydration

I recommend meeting with me 2 to 3 months prior to your event to use this plan properly. It will give you enough time for testing and any alterations that might need to be made.