• I had always been very active in my life, playing softball from 7th-12th grade, yoga/running in college, and a cyclist in Austin. A bad cycling accident through off my rhythm and I fell into PTSD. Full recovery from my accident took longer than expected and my desire to be healthy and active suffered. Five or so years after my accident I met the man I wanted to marry and he brought be back to my full self. I then decided to take action, re-set my healthy lifestyle, and lose weight for our wedding. Shane happened to be his best friend and best man!

    I lost 28 pounds and reached my goal weight range just in time for the wedding. Shane helped me over the 5 months beforehand to not only lose the weight but to get me back into the habit of living the healthy (but still fun) life I wanted back. I did do all the work and exercise- it’s not easy, but it’s possible. What helps is having Shane give me a guide and holding me accountable to my weekly check-ins. If I say all the amazing, happy things I experienced working with Shane, you would stop reading. He is amazing to work with and truly cares. ~ Lauren M. ( Yogi & Recreational Athlete )

  • I really benefited from my time working with Shane. He taught me a lot of nutrition both on and off the bike and provided a meal plan that was relatively easy to follow. I was able to drop about 10 pounds without any loss of power output with a training load of around 20 hours per week. I felt fresh and never worn out. Shane also cared about my overall well being, not just the weight loss. I would highly recommend him – especially if trying to lose weight while maintaining fitness. ~Mark C. (Road Cyclist)
  • Shane’s plan is so easy to follow. The two biggest issues that have caused my diets to fail in the past have been 1. meal prep times and 2. hunger. Neither of these things is a concern with the diet that Shane gave me. Shane’s plan incorporated similar ingredients through multiple recipes to make my grocery store trips easier. And most importantly, it works for me at work. We have no place to cook at my 9-5 office job, so it was crucial that lunches would be easy and quick! Even though I’ve been only casually following the plan during the Christmas holidays, I’ve lost a total of 10 lbs since I started it, so I know it works! ~ Katie S. (Just Your Average Healthy Jane)


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