Driveway Series: 4-Week Power-to-Weight Program

In Promotion by Shane Traughber

The 4-Week Power-to-Weight Program is for those cyclists that want to drop that extra couple of pounds before the Driveway Series on March 17th. I will develop a personalized 7-day meal plan for you to properly fuel your workouts, keep your energy levels topped off during the day, and drop weight at a safe and steady rate. This will allow you to confidently increase your power-to-weight ratio.

FEBRUARY 18th – MARCH 17th


    A quick 30-minute phone or video conference to figure out the basics, get to know one other, and pick each others brains. We will figure out the best way to achieve your goal in the time allotted.


    A personally customized meal plan with 7 days of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack ideas, and a grocery list to fine tune your energy intake. I will take into account any food allergens you may have. You will use this as the basis for your diet up until March 17th when the Driveway Series starts again.


    We catch up via a weekly email to discuss how things are going, what to modify if need be, and answer any questions you may have.