I have helped athletes of all skill levels perform their personal best at events that either involve a bike or their own two feet. Every race is a nutritional puzzle waiting to be solved. I specialize in longer distant or ultra events due to the puzzle-like nature that nutrition becomes. I can help you with :

  • All lengths of triathlon (e.g. sprint, olympic, half, & Ironman)
  • All lengths of marathon (e.g. half, full, & ultra)
  • Cycling races and events (e.g. criteriums, stage races, mtb, ultra-distance cycling, etc.)

Down below is a list of a few of the events I have helped athletes successfully prep for around Texas, the U.S., and the rest of the world:


Every event nutrition plan starts off with a detailed consultation to establish goals, fitness levels, nutritional  preferences, and a prior knowledge basis. We will then test things like sweat production, gastric emptying, and caloric expenditure. I build your plan based off of the multiple factors like personal fitness, temperature, duration, elevation, aid stations, gear, and the information you give me.

Your event plan includes:

  • Multiple consultations to make sure all needs are met and accounted for.
  • Pre-event meal(s) and hydration strategies
  • Properly portioned and timed during-event food and liquids
  • Post-event recovery nutrition and hydration

I recommend meeting with me at least two to three months prior to your event to use this plan properly. It will give you enough time for testing and any alterations that might need to be made.

All of the information you learn can be applied to any future races. If you want to forego the extra planning those future races take, I will gladly plan for you again with my Follow-Up Event Nutrition Plan.


After a series of disappointing races I decided to work with Shane for my 2018 Race Across Oregon. In the past I'd always figured that, hey, I'm a smart gal with a strong background in science, I can just wing this. And I'd "sorta" gotten away with that for a long time, but it was hell on me, and especially hell on my crew - they were left to watch me suffer without any clear plan to fix problems. I wanted to know if I could do better. I'd seen other athletes get great results working with Shane, so I decided to take the plunge. Shane was great to work with - he listened carefully and didn't upset the things that were already working, He built a race plan that takes advantage of cutting edge nutrition science to help me optimize - and even more importantly - ORGANIZE my strategy so that my crew new exactly what to do.

Race Across Oregon is a long (1000k) race through challenging conditions. It was mind-blowing to just go out, perform well, and have essentially zero issues with nutrition through 2+ days of hard work. I had consistent energy, my crew was never (okay, rarely) frustrated, and I finished with a 2-hour timetrial effort. I've never finished a race with that much energy and ability in the tank.

Sandy Earl - Red Pearl Racing